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925 Catrine Linder - for the love of silver!

My pieces of jewelry will fall in Love with  you, so don't get them unless you really mean it. Enhance yourself and be conscious of who you are! 

925 Catrine Linder jewelry is instinctively inspired by the raw and vast nature of Northern Norway where I grew up. My design is comfortable to wear and with an athletic touch that goes weather you are at work, in or out, before or after, high or low! All my jewelry is handmade in Norway and/or Sweden with a sustainable focus on design, metals and production.

In my opinion only a handmade piece can express the passion and love that is put into it. Wear it and pass it on! My aim is that my collections embodies this with a simplistic, clean cut expression. 

Thank you for looking in, it means the world to me!